Program Info:



  • Identify Best Fit Publications

    We take a brutal look at your product, and determine where it can and can't get featured. During this phase we will create a list of publications we deem to be most likely to feature you product. Since there is a practically endless number of online publications and time is limited, focusing on publications that will actually feature you and yield results is of the utmost importance.


    During this phase we create pitches (ways to sell your product to journalists), and we write articles. An amazing pitch can product amazing results, since journalism is more about entertainment when it comes to products than anything. We always pitch journalists fully written articles in addition to our creative pitches, because it make it easier for a journalist to write about you when they have a fully written article to reference.


    Press outreach means contacting (aka pitching) journalists. This occurs via email, telephone, and in person. Whenever possible we prefer to contact journalists over the phone or in person, as it ensures a direct level of access to them. During this phase we send journalists pitches about your product, and we pitch them the stories that have been written during content creation.

    Our firm builds relationships with journalists because it gives us ability to pitch them over the phone, through text message, or in person. Journalists get hundreds of emails per day, so it is best just to skip email all together and go right for the close via phone or in person.

    Our relationships with journalists serve as channels for content distribution and product placement on behalf of our clients. We have worked hard to cultivate and maintain our relationships, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our network.

  • Tracking & Updates

    We use project management software so our clients can track progress and see results in real time. During PR campaigns, the lead publicist on your campaign will be reachable via email, phone, or sms at any time.