• Plan ad spend based on budget

    Influencer marketing is fantastic in that it can work even with micro budgets. There are many micro influencers on instagram and youtube, as well as "pay for review" online publications. We see our clients net great conversion rates and revenue from micro influencers.

  • tracking and adjustments

    We place small bets with numerous influencers as a start to see where the product is getting value from and where it is not. Once we have a good feel for what channels are producing results, we increase our ad spend with them and eliminate the channels that are not.

  • continue public relations

    PR has alot to do with being at the right place at the right time when it comes to getting coverage. For this reason, many publications will cover a product after their crowdfunding campaign has ended even though they didn't cover during a live campaign.

    Many times it takes several months of pitching a product to top tier publications before they bite on a pitch and publish. Working with us post-campaign gives us tons to time to be persistent with the top tier press and eventually break through. This is why all venture funded startups have PR firms (or inhouse PR) - because it takes patience and time to land certain media outlets.

  • product reviews (optional)

    Many of our clients do not have review units during their live campaign, but several weeks or months post-campaign they end up getting a small batch of units that can be sent to journalists for review. Getting review units post-campaign opens the door to a PR campaign that is just as big and profitable as a live-campaign PR campaign.