• Do you use mass email?

    We do not use mass email, mail merges, or form pitching (sending journalists nearly identical emails). Anyone who uses those methods is heavily relying on luck. We do things the hard way here: pitching journalists one by one, in unique ways, with most of our pitches originating from a phone call or text message before an email.

  • Do you use press releases?

    Press releases hardly ever yeid results. Websites that automatically post every press release are not actual articles. There are some big publications who post every press release, but no one actually sees these press release repostings -- they are not accessable from their homepage, nor are they shared to social media. The only person who sees those articles is the people who paid for the press release.

  • What kind of products do you work with?

    We work with tech, gear, watches, outdoors, and travel. Gear is a broad term. It's modern slang for anything cool. Any kind of cool product.

  • Does "Program" mean software?

    When we say program we mean more like a method, a system for doing things. All of our PR campaigns are hand crafted and done by hand.