Our Method


    In order for us to orchestrate the perfect PR campaign for you, we need to know your product and backstory intimately. Shortly after you agree to hire us, we do a full interview. This interview is all encompassing. It is designed to allow us to discover what direction we want to take your content in.


    There is an endless sea of online publications. We know how to navigate these waters for our clients by choosing the publications that will actually cover them, and most importantly: the ones that will actually convert to backers.

    We do not just chase the biggest media hits. Relevancy is more important than total audience size. Many of our clients get more backers from smaller publications than they get from the top tier publications that cover them.


    We get great results from pitching products to journalists, but what gets us even better results is pitching stories to journalists. Stories as in fully written articles they can copy. Professionalism in writing is required to successfully pitch a story to a journalist for copy. This is especially true for landing press in top tier publications. We utilize writers who themselves write in the top tier press. We have 1 writer in house, and we have access to top tier freelance writers (writers that work at top tier publications). This is one of our backchannels to getting clients into publications: when the journalist writing our articles on freelance also works at the publication we want the client in.

    Here is an example of a ultra micro pitch we crafted that the editor of Fortune Magazine thought was good content:


    Press outreach means contacting (aka pitching) journalists. This occurs via email, telephone, and in person. Whenever possible we prefer to contact journalists over the phone or in person, as it ensures a direct level of access to them. During this phase we send journalists pitches about your product, and we pitch them the stories that have been written during content creation.

    Our firm builds relationships with journalists because it gives us ability to pitch them over the phone, through text message, or in person. Journalists get hundreds of emails per day, so it is best just to skip email all together and go right for the close via phone or in person.

    Our relationships with journalists serve as channels for content distribution and product placement on behalf of our clients. We have worked hard to cultivate and maintain our relationships, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our network.


    Each client we take on is invited to our project management software. This software gives you a "bird’s eye view” of our current status on the PR campaign at all times.

    We provide updates immediatley when an article is published, or whenever a journalist has additional questions. We also ask that each client gives us a direct method of communicating with them in case we need quick answers to questions that arise during press outreach.


    We consider a crowdfunding launch to be just the beginning of our working relationship with our clients. PR is just like Advertisement in that it can continue for as long as you are in business.

    Going into Indiegogo-Indemand (or any preorder platform) after your campaign ends provides an unlimited amount of time for more marketing. We like to do another press push to announce the product is available for preorder. After that, we like to get some reviews done once we have samples to send to journalists.

    With enough time, any publication can be persuaded to cover a product. We have got clients featured by Forbes by slowly whittling down their journalists for a few months until they finally cave and bit on one of our pitches and stories. Here is an example of that happening.

    Working with us long term can make this possible (assuming you don't get covered already during your live campaign).