About Us


  • How long have you been around?

    Our firm was established in 2017. Considering our young age, we have an impressive track record - having performed the PR for 2 crowdfunding projects who have raised over $2 million dollars.

  • Is your whole team based in San Francisco?

    All of our publicists work out of our headquarters in a coworking space in San Francisco. No one on our sales team is based in San Francisco.

  • Why should we choose you?

    We have relationships (ie. phone pitching capabilities) with over 200 publications (which includes all of their journalists). This requires a full time effort just to build and maintain the relationships, which is why we have 2 team members devoted entirely to "media relations". Our firm builds "relationships" with journalists because it gives us ability to pitch them over the phone, through text message, or in person. Journalists get hundreds of emails per day, so it is best just to skip email all together and go right for the close via phone or in person.

    Our relationships with journalists serve as channels for content distribution and product placement on behalf of our clients. We have worked hard to cultivate and maintain our relationships, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our network.

    We have a talented team. One of our publicists was recognized several years ago (as a freelancer) by the editor of Fortune Magazine for having the best PR pitch:

  • How big is your team?

    Our team is comprised of 4 publicists, 2 media relations specialists, 1 assistant publicist, 1 content writer, and 2 salespeople.

  • What do you do for post-campaign marketing?

    We offer influencer marketing and PR for post-campaign marketing. Learn More.