We are the top PR agency for crowdfunding. We publicize crowdfunding campaigns.

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A Proven Approach

We have PR down to a science. Our publicists have PR Programs in place for each specific type of product we work with.

PR Campaign Programs

CASE STUDIES The Crowd PR Badge is posted on the bottom of these kickstarter project pages:


    According to FastCompany.com:

    "PR generates conversion rates 10 to 50 times that of Advertising conversions"

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    via Prime-Research.com:

    "PR is usually the most efficient source of revenue generation and tends to elevate every other form of marketing."

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  • 🤔 PR VS ADS

    via Adweek.com

    "A 2014 Nielsen Study concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than Advertising"

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    via Barefoot Company:

    "We made $100k over the course of 2 months from the article in Mashable."
    - Philipp, CEO of Barefoot Company (www.getfyf.com)

    The Mashable video coverage of Barefoot Company has 32 million views: Facebook Video | Mashable Article

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