The secret behind many of the blockbuster campaigns you see raise millions — is that they have huge PR efforts. They do PR inhouse, and on top of that they have 2-3 PR agencies working for them. No coordination between them is done.
To the uninitiated, this may seem too hard to manage. But the secret is that no management is done at all. The worst thing that could happen if you have tons of PR people is that a journalist gets pitched twice. And this isn’t even a bad thing because its another chance for you to get more coverage.
We were part of a campaign that raised $2.7M. That campaign used a total of 3 PR agencies (including us) who were all getting results. That campaign got about 60 articles written about it, 13 of them because of us. Check out the case study here.
Every big campaign we’ve worked with has done 3 things for marketing. They built an email list and ran facebook ads before launch, they did tons of PR during their campaign, and then they ran facebook ads through out the whole campaign. Each component of their marketing strategy made the other component stronger. The PR helped convert the ads better when they saw the press badges on their kickstarter or indiegogo page. And the money raised from the Ads and email list on “Day 1” helped them get more media coverage because it demonstrated high demand.