A common response a journalist will give is that they a review unit first before seeing the product

There are 3 ways to overcome this obstacle:
First, find a journalist who frequently covers products without review units. This is what we did with the Rocketbook (see case study). It has some bold claims in terms of what its tech could do. One journalist at TechCrunch told us there was no way in hell he would cover without a review unit. Yet, a different journalist went ahead and covered it right away – no review unit at all.
Look at the Triton Underwater Gills campaign as an example. It was a blatant scam that claimed to allow people to breath under water. But plenty of journalists covered it – clearly without review units. You can see what Uncrate wrote about it here. This campaign was eventually caught and all $1 million of their funds were refunded before time ran out, but it just goes to show that journalists cover products all the time without review units.
Second, if you have a relationship with the journalist and they have covered plenty of products you’ve pitched them in the past (and everything worked out fine) then that journalist will be comfortable covering products you pitch them without review units.
Third, find out if the journalist just wants some free stuff in exchange for covering you. In this situation, we will offer the journalist a review unit once rewards ship – and usually they go for it and go ahead and publish.