The most important factor in getting articles written about a product is: “the pitch”. Online publications, blogs, and digital magazines are not really news sites — they are entertainment sites. Their purpose is to entertain. If your pitch does not have any entertainment value (ie. anything of interest) – then journalists will have no reason to write about you.
Here is an example of a great pitch:

See what we did there? There was nothing interesting about that razor. In fact, I don’t think that razor was any different from what you could buy at Wal-Mart. We chose to make up (fabricate) a backstory about the creation of that razor to make it seem interesting. This is something we did on our own, with the founder’s approval.

Here is our best example:

For this pitch, all we had to work with were socks that can be worn outside for jogging.

We made it entertaining and attention grabbing by claiming these socks were the way of the future, and that they would replace shoes. We went as far as to say that shoes are for luddites, a reference to a kind of people who fear new technology. It was a metaphor, and it was powerful language that commanded attention.
A pitch must command attention. Journalists get 100’s of product pitches each day. If your pitch doesn’t command attention, it won’t even get seen. Having a relationship with a journalist also ensures your pitch gets seen. Many of our conversations with journalists are threads that contain 100’s of messages. They are going to read an ongoing thread over a cold email. It’s just the way it is. You can build your own relationship with a journalist too, but it takes years. This is called inhouse PR. By hiring us, you are tapping into our network of relationships.

We take a 3 pronged approach to every PR campaign:

  1. 1) Come up with killer pitches
  2. 2) Tap our network of relationships
  3. 3) Pitch the product to every possible journalist who may be interested
    * There are countless online publications, digital magazines, and blogs. Pitching every possible journalist who could could cover a product usually entails 800 journalists, all sent different and unique email pitches. You can’t send them all the same email or pitch them all in the same way. This step (#3) usually takes about 120 hours (or more) of work between 3 people.