Crowd PR was founded in 2015

Our founders each have 2 years of experience in PR for crowdfunding projects. Prior to that, many of us were junior reps at boutique PR agencies which serve venture funded startups. We have pioneered a new approach to PR for crowdfunding based on years of trial and error. This experience is what we believe makes us the best.

We find that crowdfunding projects are targeted by in-experienced freelancers more than any other kind of business. This is because kickstarter & indiegogo projects are so easy to find. Anyone (regardless of talent level) can create a website, begin emailing projects, and claim to be a PR firm. Unfortunately, many crowdfunding projects make the common mistake of hiring firms with minimal oversight.

Here at Crowd PR, we like to do things differently. We like to actually get results, and we like them big. We like to think of ourselves as the rockstars of this kind of PR — and our track record certainly backs up that assertation.